Outline—Matthew 9:1–17

  1. In Jesus’ presence, sinners are forgiven (vv. 1–8)
  2. In Jesus’ presence, disciples are called (v. 9)
  3. In Jesus’ presence, authentic Christianity is the coin of the realm (vv. 10–13)
  4. In Jesus’ presence, everything changes (vv. 14–17)

Related Scripture

  • Hosea 6:6

Take Home Points

  • Forgiveness is the first great need of every human being.
  • Unforgiven sin shuts us away from the God in Heaven.
  • Without forgiveness there is no remission of sin.
  • If you are unforgiven, you cannot go to Heaven.
  • Forgiveness is only available through Jesus Christ.
  • Forgiveness in not merely taking away punishment, but it is restoration to the favor of God.
  • Forgiveness includes washing away of sin.

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