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Pastor Rick continues with the second devotion in the book of Job as Job and his friends struggle to find a reason for suffering. We learn that God has a plan, is always in control, and is with Job all through his tribulation. God has a plan for us, too, and he is always with when we suffer. When we come through sufferint, we gain a deeper understanding of God, learn that our wisdom is primitive, and that we need to repent.


God is in charge and he never promised us an easy life. But if you are born-again, god loves you and he helps you through the trials and troubles of life.


What is Communion? It is an ordinance for all Christians to regularly come together in unity to memorialize the death of Jesus Christ until He returns. The bread is symbolic of the body of Jesus Christ, and the fruit of the vine is symbolic of Jesus’ shed blood.


Psalm 112

Psalm 112 goes with Psalm 111 and tells us of God’s work in man. It also reminds us that we will have struggles in life, but God will bless us. Be sure to watch Pastor Rick’s Psalm 111 Devotional too.


Psalm 111

God did not just wind up the universe then let it go. He works within us and throughout the world every day. His work deserves our praise, notice, thoughtfulness, and obedience. The psalmist sums it all up in Psalm 111 this week.


Jesus’ gave His life on the cross. His work is finished, for all time. If you have trusted in Jesus as your savior, your sins are forgiven…forever.